About our

For over 75 years we have been creating innovative and reliable machinery for the surface preparation industry. With 3 product lines and hundreds of satisfied contractors, we are continuing to grow and evolve with time.

M - Manufacturing

Our talented team includes some of the most experienced welders, fitters, fabricators and assembly personnel in the business. We work with state of the art equipment including robots, plasma tables, sub arcs and welding machines.

M - Marketing

We utilize modern trends in media such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to increase brand awareness. We also have regular spots on TV shows such as My Classic Car and Motorhead Garage, and appear at national events like the Daytona 500 and World of Concrete.

L - Logistics

Paint and rust exist on every continent in the world, and so does our equipment. We have stocking distribution on every continent as well as international partners and contractors. Our machines are recognized across the globe for their reliablity and usefulness in a wide variety of sectors and industries.

J - Juxtaposition

Though we have different facets to our company and many moving parts, they all work side by side to form the rock steady backbone of MMLJ. We have been around for over 75 years, and we've got big plans for the future.

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The Dustless Blaster works by mixing water and abrasive inside the blast tank. By introducing water we're drastically increasing mass and energy the machine is putting out, while eliminating dust.

DB 150

- For extreme hobbyist

- Completely portable

DB 225

- 1 to 4 hours of blasting p/w

- Completely portable

DB 500

- Industrial Work/Commercial

- Most popular owner/op

DB 750

- Industrial/Commercial

- Employees using machine.

DB 1500

- Ideal for ship yards

- Fork lift portable

DB 2000

- Massive blast time

- Fork lift portable

DB1500 Offshore

- Ideal for off shore

- Crane Portable, Castor Portable


- Ideal for ship yards

- Largest capacity